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SuperMatch is the classic game of pairs for guests from 8 to 80 to have even more fun whilst at your client’s event

Give guests a truly classic fun competition between tables, teams, couples or individuals and have a prize at the end of each competition for the best time completed

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Use your own photos/images for the Screen Background and the Front and Backs of Cards

Select or create your own Attract, Guest, Completed and Out of Time screen overlays along with Background Audio and Sound Effects

Collect Guest Email Addresses if Required

Select from 10 supplied Themes or just create your very own for a true personal corporate image

To fully appreciate the full fun of SuperMatch use a Touch Screen for a large display so guests just touch the selected cards to match

Use a spare all-in-one touch screen system, or use a spare laptop and large screen TV and attach a Touch Frame Overlay to the front for a fantastic display

Version 2.0.0

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Sample Screens of Classic SuperMatch

Sample Screens of Halloween SuperMatch

Sample Screens of Locations SuperMatch

Sample Screens of World Flags SuperMatch

Why not even have several competitions during your event and choose from an easy setting using just 8 Pairs to match within a set time limit, to a more difficult level using 12 Pairs to match within a longer time period

Set your own Time Limits for selected Pairs

Scrolling Marquee for Information with Graphics

View, Export and Delete Score Data

SuperMatch is set to use a 1920x1080 HD Display

Touch Frame Overlays are a perfect way to transform your large TV screen to a 10 point multi-touch screen and are extremely cost effective these days (e.g. Amazon a 55" Touch Frame Overlay for $295

Register and Un-register on different Systems

(To ensure maximum compatibility please make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date from your manufacturer's website)

Sample Screens of Car Badges SuperMatch

SuperMatch is a great investment with a fantastic Return Of Investment, just hire SuperMatch out to clients once or twice for Weddings, Parties, Sweet 16, Anniversary, Halloween etc, and SuperMatch paid for itself