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Sample_01_Stripes.mp4 Sample_01_Halloween.mp4 Sample_01_Bubbles.mp4

Themes 01: Bubbles, Halloween, Stripes - Click images for preview

Sample_02_Holiday.mp4 Sample_02_Confetti.mp4 Sample_02_Blue.mp4

Themes 02: Blue, Confetti, Holiday - Click images for preview

Sample_03_Purple.mp4 Sample_03_Green.mp4 Sample_03_BlueStripe.mp4

Themes 03: Blue Stripe, Green, Purple - Click images for preview

Sample_04_Halloween.mp4 Sample_04_Circles.mp4 Sample_04_BluePink.mp4

Themes 04: Blue Pink, Circles, Halloween - Click images for preview

Sample_05_Valentine.mp4 Sample_05_Gold.mp4 Sample_05_BlueSquare.mp4

Themes 05: Blue Square, Gold, Valentine - Click images for preview

Sample_06_RedHoliday.mp4 Sample_06_PinkCircle.mp4 Sample_06_BlueRotate.mp4

Themes 06: Blue Rotate, Pink Circle, Red Holiday - Click images for preview

Sample_07_SnowTeal.mp4 Sample_07_Silver.mp4 Sample_07_Halloween.mp4

Themes 07: Halloween, Silver, Snow Teal - Click images for preview

Sample_08_GoldStars.mp4 Sample_08_GoldCircles.mp4 Sample_08_DiscoBall.mp4

Themes 08: Disco Ball, Gold Circles, Gold Stars - Click images for preview

Sample_09_Valentine2.mp4 Sample_09_SkyBubbles.mp4 Sample_09_Modern.mp4

Themes 09: Modern, Sky Bubbles, Valentine - Click images for preview

Sample_10_GreenGold.mp4 Sample_10_Gold.mp4 Sample_10_BlueCircles.mp4

Themes 10: Blue Circles, Gold, Green Gold - Click images for preview

Sample_11_Valentine.mp4 Sample_11_GreenYellow.mp4 Sample_11_DiceRolling.mp4

Themes 11: DiceRolling, Green Yellow, Valentine - Click images for preview

Sample_12_StPatrick.mp4 Sample_12_RotateTeal.mp4 Sample_12_RedSparkles.mp4

Themes 12: Red Sparkles, Rotate Teal, St Patrick - Click images for preview

Sample_13_RotateLtBlue.mp4 Sample_13_PurpleParticles.mp4 Sample_12_BlueParticles.mp4

Themes 13: Blue Particles, Purple Particles, Rotate Blue - Click images for preview

Sample_14_SantaSledge.mp4 Sample_14_Wedding.mp4 Sample_14_BlueFlakes.mp4

Themes 14: Blue Flakes, Wedding, Santa Sledge - Click images for preview

Sample_15_PurpleStars.mp4 Sample_15_SilverStars.mp4 Sample_15_PureGold.mp4

Themes 15: Pure Gold, Silver Stars, Purple Stars - Click images for preview

Free Themes

Once MediaShare has been purchased all the

following “MediaShare Themes” are available to download and use

In your welcome email from us with your Registration Key details will also be all the download links and installation passwords

All MediaShare Themes include all the files needed for the specific MediaShare Theme

When installed just select the .settings file from the “C:\MediaShare_Themes” folder using the

Green “Load From” button

All themes can be mixed and matched by

selecting different backgrounds and graphics

from different theme packs using the Green

“Graphics Display” button to create something

totally unique

If any changes are made to the Theme

just use the Green “Save As” button

and save under a different name of your choice to load again later for another event

Create your own Static or Animated Backgrounds

and Adverts using your favourite graphics or video editing software and select those direct from within MediaShare

Load and Display Instant MediaShare Themes and Save Yourself Hours Of Design Work

Further Help

Facebook Group: MediaShare

Messenger: Anthony Hunt


Location: Derby, Derbyshire, UK

Further Help

Facebook Group: MediaShare

Messenger: Richard Klair


Location: New Castle, Delaware, USA