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Allows you to select and play your own assigned captions of music for Attracting Guests, Countdown Audio,

Music Audio and DJ Voice Overlays while guests are in your booth or on your 360 Spinner.

No more wasting time looking and selecting what to play as already selected - just press the button and away it all plays with a Countdown and the Music to get all your guests singing and dancing.

Register and Un-register on different Systems

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Version 2.0.3

Perfect for Traditional Photo Booths and 360 Spinner Booths

The EasyBooth AudioBooth software is extremely simple to setup and use.

Enhance all your guest’s experience of using your booth and also make your own time a whole lot easier.

Assign button colours for “Controls”, “Not Allocated”, “Allocated”, “Playing”, “Text Colour” and assign your own Music and Captions.

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