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$550 - 10% = $495.00

Single Registration

$999 - 10% = $899.00

Double Registration

Displays Videos, Photos, Animated Gifs, Advertisements, Scrolling Marquee with Graphics

Instant media viewing and download for guests on Mobile Devices via On Screen QR Code

No Second PC System required, No Internet required, No Yearly Costs, Use own Wi-Fi Router

Register and Un-register on different Systems

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Courtesy of

Keith Freeman



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Courtesy of

Ewins Theodore

Version 2.5.3


Perfect for Traditional Photo Booths and 360 Video Booths

The EasyBooth MediaShare software allows the use of a second screen to act as both a Slideshow and Download Station outside your booth for guests to view and immediately download their photos, gifs or videos in literally a few seconds to their own mobile devices from your own WiFi network via it’s on screen QR Code display.

Have your own background screens, advert screens, screen graphics and colours and media timings so a totally unique look.

Easily design your own smooth scrolling marquee messages for guests to view, including changing colour text and scrolling graphics.


All Video, Photo and Gif content are automatically updated in order of capture, so always latest media content viewed by guests.

Fetch the last ‘x’ number of Videos, Photos and GIFs from Watch Folders and away it goes.

Display your own no content screen for advertising.

Design your own backgrounds, Media Border Colour and Width, Marquee Background Colour, Marquee Font Colour,

Custom Phone Backings, Use your own Fonts, Choose own Display Times, Size and Location for Media, 16 Media Display On/Off Effects, Change Marquee Speed, Easy Watch Folders for Media, Create own Graphics for Marquee, Data Collection

Courtesy of

Utica Couch

Courtesy of

Luis Arteaga

UticaCouch1.mp4 LuisArteaga1.mp4 Slideshow2 PhotoWall Marquee MediaShare AudioBooth

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