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The EasyBooth PhotoWall software application enables fellow boothers the option to display on external monitors via

Cable, Wi-Fi or display larger via Chromecast

Displays Photos, Advertisements and Scrolling Marquee.

Use your own background image, decide what to show, and where to show it and all with options for borders, transitions, timings, audio, in Order or in Reverse.  Fully customisable to your own preferences and design.

You simply select the Watch Folders to watch for each content, and as each new content is added it is automatically added to the next display cycle on the external screen(s).  Choose the last ‘x’ number from each Watch Folder and away it goes.

If venue Wi-Fi is not available then simply connect a second system via the inbuilt private Wi-Fi option and create a personal Photobooth-Network between the booth and other systems and select the Network Path to Watch Folders for the content.

Or why not even go for top of the range and use a projector and project to an even larger screen.

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Further Help

Facebook: Anthony Hunt


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