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Don’t delay your experience of this great simple to use professional photobooth software and download it today.

If you require any help just contact me as always happy to help fellow boothers.

The EasyBooth MultiCam software allows the use of multiply webcams, up to 9 at once, to speedily create great looking photos and animated GIFs and Videos, with optional overlays and company logos, and even video audio effects,

all of which can be sent directly to guests smart phones, emailed to email addresses or printed out as a strip

All within literally seconds.

The EasyBooth MultiCam software was created out of the need to create these great animation files which clients everywhere wanted, but ourselves not wanting to spend thousands of pounds/dollars on expensive multiply DSLR cameras and multiply purchases of individual licences for software to control them.  Whilst MultiCam was not written to replace the large commercial hardware or software creating specialized animations, it is totally suitable, and specifically written for smaller tasks such a photobooths where speed is a real priority.

Create your own background images, graphics and audio to totally customise the look and feel for your specific requirements whilst still keeping the simplicity of use for operators and guests.  Create great optimised photos, animated GIFs and videos and offer your clients something everyone wants, but at a fraction of the cost of other hardware and software.

Animated Burst Photo Video

Fast Speed MultiCam Gif

Normal Speed MultiCam Video

Normal Speed MultiCam Video

Normal Speed Morphing Video

Animated Normal Photo Video

Grayscale Old Film Video

Helium Voice Video

MultiCam with 9 webcams

Align Camera Tab

Camera #1 - Camera #9:  Select which camera to align the crosshairs onto.  Start with aligning the Middle camera and then align the other cameras.  The Left Camera, Middle Camera and Right Camera is automatically selected by MultiCam depending on the number of cameras you have connected.

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