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Don’t delay your experience of this great simple to use professional Flasher software and download it today.

System requirements Windows OS and Intel i3 or better for better performance.

Company Names and Licence Keys are locked per system.

Some Examples Flashers Supplied

The EasyBooth Flasher for Social Booth software is specially written for use with Social Booth and drastically improves guests looking at the camera when capturing photos and videos.

Flasher allows you to have up to 4 different Flasher Images displayed on screen during the countdown prior to capture bringing the attention of guests to “Look at the Camera” or whatever you want to say.

Easily design your own Flasher Images or simply use from the selection provided.

Settings include, Flasher Graphic(s), Flasher Position, Flasher Delay, Flasher Time, Flasher Speed, Number of Flashers.

Extremely simple to use and easy setup in Social Booth.

Get better photos and videos by reminding your guests to “Look at the Camera” and not the screen

Further Help

If you require any help just contact me as always happy to assist

We can always Team View together and I can help in setting up your Flasher software remotely for you

Facebook: Anthony Hunt


EasyBooth Slideshow2 PhotoWall Marquee MultiCam EasyShare EasyShow Flasher FlasherExample2.mp4 FlasherExample3.mp4 FlasherExample4.mp4 FlasherExample6.mp4 FlasherVideo1.mp4