The EasyBooth photobooth software is the latest revolutionary addition to the EasyBooth software range for personal and professional photo boothers.  Extremely easy to use and produces professional speedy results.

Written specifically for the high grade Logitech C920 Webcam as used by millions around the world, it produces top quality pictures and videos, and with the easy to use software all can now have fantastic overlays and/or masks with winner in ‘x’ option and either printed out or sent in literally mere seconds to email address or messaged to mobile smart phones.  With a one time cost per system licence, free updates forever and no yearly renewal fee, EasyBooth is perfect for you and your booth.

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Gone are the days of hosting your content on third party hosting sites (which tend to go down just at the wrong time when at an event), all your content, both photos and videos, are hosted on your own ISP server via the inbuilt FTP service, which also benefits your company, as when emailing or sending by SMS message, your own company name is directly in the viewing link and guests can view both photos and videos on their mobile devices.  And to add to the experience even more guests will receive their links in mere seconds usually whilst still in the booth.

And to make it even better, there are the options to have both a Primary and Secondary Emailing and SMS’ing service, so if the Primary service becomes unavailable, just switch to the Secondary service and carry on as normal.  No more embarrassment having to tell clients you can’t send photos or videos until the service is back on line.  As usual, if no internet is available at the venue EasyBooth will queue the content to send later when back at base location.

Use the inbuilt template designer to design your printouts for any size your printer supports (6x4, 6x2 strips, 7x5, 10x8, 12x8) - if your printer supports it, then you can design it with the EasyBooth designer.  And to make it even better yet again, EasyBooth can create your photo templates using Masks so no more boring old square photos.

Use the inbuilt professional Slideshow (smaller version of the successful Slideshow2) to display your individual photos or print templates on a second monitor outside the booth so everyone else can see what’s already been taken inside the booth, with controls for Background, Effect On, Effect Off, Effect Speed, Display Seconds.  Automatically updates itself for the Fetch Last ‘X’ amount number of photos taken in the booth.

Don’t delay your experience of this great simple to use professional photobooth software and download it today.  If you require any help just contact me as always happy to help fellow boothers.

Example thumbnails below of Backing Screens, Print Backgrounds, Photo Overlays and hundreds of transparent .png graphic Clipart freely supplied with EasyBooth when registered:

Select from 6 supplied background themes (or just simply create your own to be totally unique).  Let your guests select from a choice of Photo Overlays for each individual photo taken (supplied with approx 100 and easy to create your own).  Let your guests preview each photo and choose if to re-take if wanted.  Let your guests choose from Still Photos, Animated Photos, Morphing Photos or even Burst Photos, along with Normal or Helium Video (all with their chosen overlay).  Let your guests record their video messages with backing music to fit their event and use the easy inbuilt print template designer for easy template print designs for every event.  Original photos captured at full HD 1920x1080 resolution for best possible quality.

All photos and videos are captured or recorded at a 16:9 ratio so your able to get more guests into your booth as a wider angle of shot. Supplied with 100 Photo Overlays, 48 Print Background screens to suit modern, wedding, birthday, romantic, party, halloween, christmas and celebration themes.  Also supplied with 40 Photo Template Masks and 35 pre-designed templates.

Example Print Templates provided with EasyBooth, and really simple to create your own with how many photos, use a Border or Mask or Shadows and any Rotation if desired

The easiest Template Designer

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Single Licence


Double Licence

New Sign and Draw

Don’t let your photo prints be the same as everyone else, let your guests really make their photos personal by letting them sign and draw on the screen in up to 12 different colours and make them truly personal to them - now that’s something new and makes them totally individual to everyone who visits your booth.

Further Help

If you require any help just contact me as always happy to assist

We can always Team View together and I can help in setting up your EasyBooth software remotely for you

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